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pH Cleansing Oil 200ml

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    WHAT IT IS :
    A low-pH oil cleanser made with a 50/50 ratio for water-like light and gentle cleansing

    - Low-pH cleansing with lactic acid
    - Removal of impurities from pores with plant-based oil
    - Hydration power of Filaggrin Complex
    - Formulated without emulsifiers or whitening agents

    - Leuconostoc: Protects skin barrier and exfoliates dead skin
    - Lactobacillus: Protects skin barrier
    - Bifida: Balances skin
    - Rosehip oil, Jojoba oil: Removes makeup and impurities

     TYPE :
    - All skin types

    - Tested for skin irritation
    - Tested for effectiveness of fine dust cleansing
    - Tested for effectiveness of sunblock cleansing

    - Tested for removal of fine dust particles
    - Tested for UV blocking power

     TEXTURE :
    An oil cleanser with 50% hydrating component formula for a water-like feel

    How to Use

    1. Apply a moderate amount to entire (wet) face and massage to melt off makeup and impurities.
    2. Rinse well with warm water.

    * For use on wet skin.
    * No need to rinse more than once!

    pH Cleansing Oil 200ml
    pH Cleansing Oil 200ml